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Captiva breakdown


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Oct 17, 2009
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Captiva maxx

Recently my 2006 captiva 3.2 broke down. The engine just cut out and amongst things a warning"check engine" as well as an upside down christmas tree with a P came up on the instrument cluster. I do not have my vehicle manual anymore

Does anybody know what this means
Is there a way you can get the error code from the computer without having the analyser

Best regards



Nil Bastardo Carborundum
Nov 29, 2007
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Lower Hunter Region NSW
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CG Captiva 5 Series 2
Hi Hennie

I've looked through my Captiva owner's handbook and I can't find any warning light that matches your description of an upside down Christmas tree with a P.

Where is it located on the instrument panel?

If the warning light that came up is the orange one of an engine profile, it indicates an emissions-related fault rather than an engine failure. The engine will then probably go into its "limp" mode, which leaves you with very poor acceleration, no power and high fuel consumption. I had this problem when the Throttle Position Switch (TPS) failed. Unfortunately, it's part of the throttle body assembly, can't be purchased separately and the RRP of the assembly is around $450. There are sometimes throttle bodies on E-bay for well under half that price, but you need to ensure you get the correct part number as there have been some variations over the years. The saving grace is that they are extremely easy to remove and replace.

To see if you can clear any of the error messages, try disconnecting the battery for a while, then reconnecting and turning the engine on. If the engine then runs ok, the TPS could be the problem. Mine would come and go, and when it lit up, it brought up a number of other lights too.

To answer your question about analysing the codes - no - you will need an analysing tool to decode the faults and clear them.
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