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Car care tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by Glauron, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Glauron

    Glauron Guest

    Hey ppl -
    I'm now the proud owner of a Commodore VY S '03 and I'm looking for some good general care/maintenance tips. I'm not very auto-savvy and still picking up a bit of the lingo. Last car was a Hyundai Excel Sprint '94 (nice upgrade). :w00t:

    In particular I'd like to know things that apply to the commodore specifically. EG - any tricks for washing. I heard somewhere waxing is not a good idea as it affects the paint protection - true or not?

    Also, how does one clean the engine properly? The car washes have the spray guns etc but I'm thinking if I'm spraying water under the hood, do I have to watch the battery ???

    What about tyres?

    etc. etc.

    Other mechanical tips would be greatly appreciated too. I want to keep this one slick. :yeah:

  2. bennzy

    bennzy New Member

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    2001 VX II Berlina GenIII V8 5.7
    avoid using harsh chemicles on the car, if your washing your car at home use a microfibre mit to wash your car as it doesnt scratch, well thats what ive been told but seen it actually scratch, try surfing the net on how to clean your car there are some great sites out there.

    when cleaning wheels, just use a sponge and soap people say use degreaser even soft ones, but i dont trust it can make ur rims look real ugly after its washed.

    im a car detailer but im not good with explaining things on the computer to someone,
  3. Glauron

    Glauron Guest

    Aha thanks ;)

    I'd read that the microfibre mits were your best bet.

    appreciate it anyway. I don't need full explanations or anything so ur help is perfect.


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