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changing shocks



just wondering if anyone can help im going to change my shocks front and back just want to know if its is to do and wich are the best to use...:wave:


Jun 4, 2005
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VK 5L Calais
With rears it's easy. Just unbolt the mounting bolt at the base and then in the boot undo the nut and take the shock out. When installing new ones, do it up tight until the bushes sponge flat enough to seal the dish washers. The instructions will tell you how.

Now the front struts. I have only watched a video on this but it's straight forward enough. I will try to remember.

You need to raise the vehicle and undo the lower bolt where the ball joint is, then undo the brake line hose at the bracket where the two lines meet. Not at the caliper. Unbolt the control arm. Mark on the strut tower in the engine bay the position of the alignment.
Undo those top bolts and withdraw the whole strut tower/spring assembly in one peice. This includes the disc rotor and caliper attached. You need a spring compressor to compress the spring and you undo the bolts which hold the strut mount on top, withdraw the spring with the compressor attached to it and I think then you can remove the strut. I think the video from memory tells you to drain the fluid and refill with some of it. Installation is the reverse of above. Do one side at a time.

I hope this helps. Others will likely correct me on some points but that's basically it.

There is a video at my library called "Replacing shocks & struts". It's easier than I thought. :)