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Clicking noise under dash cluster when engine is on????


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Jun 27, 2010
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Series 1 VN Executive wagon
Hi all. My daughter's just bought a real clean '98 VT. But a couple of days ago a clicking noise much like that of a relay, starting to happen when the motor is running. it's coming from under the drivers' side of the dash and appears to speed up on acceleration. but it does this intermittently. She's had it back to the car yards work shop today but it arked up again on the way home. i reckon it is a relay, but to what? everything appears to be working alright. no warning lights anywhere. Before we bought it i noticed the airbag light was continuously on but they 'fixed that(hopefully the airbag will work if the car's pranged) could this be connected to the click? I'm usually pretty cluey on these things but would like a little bit of advice before i pull things to bits.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill.