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Clunking noise in front end at low speed


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Jan 13, 2008
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98 vt 50th anniversary s1
Hey all, just thought i'd let you know recently i had a problem with a clunking, rattling noise at low speeds coming from the front end i mean 10 kph and under. But any faster the noise would stop. I took my car to 5 differant mechanics, power steering and brake joints, etc. I just had new tires put on a couple of months ago before this problem and yet none of these guys could tell me what the problem was and $230 in labour cost later i found myself that on the front left wheel the nut off the back of my valve fell off inside the tire and was bouncing around inside hitting my alloys, which was the noise i could hear. So over 10 kph i couldn't hear it cause it was stuck to the inside of the tire. Only if i sat down and had a good think about it before sending to the mechanics, Just a heads up if your as stupid as me!