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Cold/Moist Start Problem and Radiator Fan

Boo Radley

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Apr 4, 2011
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VS Commodore Ute
Here's a question: in winter and/or wet condtiions (so probably just cool weather) my VS Ute has trouble starting for a while. I turn the key and instead of the engine starting the radiator fan goes flat out and until it stops running the engine won't start - it turns over but if i keep trying the battery eventually craps out so I've just got to wait for the fan to stop. It can run from anywhere from 10 seconds to 20 minutes but the engine won't fully start until it stops - presumably because it is using all the power.

The car runs perfectly and hasn't missed a beat all summer but coming into winter i know it will happen again. NRMA dude was perplexed but suggested a sensor issue but of course whenever i take it to be looked at it doesn't have the problem. Once it's warm its fine - thoughts anyone - would love to give a mechanic an idea of what to look at.

Cheers lads