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Collingwood mother

Discussion in 'Jokes/Humour' started by Dayvo, Jan 26, 2019.

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    A Collingwood mother goes to town to register for CentreLink.
    "How many children?" asks the assessor.
    "10," replies the Collingwood mother.
    "10?" says the council worker. "What are their names?"
    "Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne and Wayne."
    "Doesn't that get confusing?"
    "Nah," says the Collingwood mother. "Its great, because if they are out playing in the street I just have to shout, 'WAYNE, YA DINNER'S READY' or 'WAYNE, GO TO BED NOW' and they all do it."
    "What if you want to speak to one individually?" says the perturbed CentreLink worker.
    "That's easy," says the Collingwood mother, "I just use their surnames."
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