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Confused about lowering...


Im alright its the others
Nov 5, 2008
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VZ Wagon 05
Hi all.

Sorry for bring up an old topic that’s been beaten to death, but due to ALOT of various opinions from older posts im quite confused as to what i want really... so ive opted for some help by you guys.

The deal is to lower my VZ wags to SL front & rear. It’s currently on 17" Calais wheels with no intention of going larger anytime soon. From time to time i might carry some heavy loads but this is not on a regular daily basis.

From what I’m reading here Pedders is the way to go (comfort & performance) & since ive bought kings for the rear I’m contemplating selling them. I like the idea of a car that’s not overly bouncy!

Also ive been advised to get a camber kit. But after reading a huge amount of posts (my eyes hurt), ive been told it’s a gag! But some of you have recommended getting a camber kit.. So what’s the delio here?

Shocks... I’m pretty sure Munroe GT's are the general consensus here. Correct?

Any recommendation would be appreciated & yes i have run around & spoken to various suspension places all with different answers.... :confused: