Coolant leak VE 11


Had the Thermostat replaced 3 months ago , was fine but now using about 300 mils a week , the fluid dip stick is dry and 300 mils fills it to the 2nd hole from bottom cold motor , oil is fine no discolor , motor has 200 thou ks , VE 11,
any tips where to look for leaks , is it worth putting a chemical leak sealer in the cooling fluid ...?


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Also look under the throttle body where the water inlet housing is as it's common to find a leak there due to the 2 o rings there


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get the transmission serviced just in case
most likely thermostat housing again
have cooling system pressure tested, should find leak

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Could also be the system wasn’t bled correctly. The air bleeds out, drawing in more and more coolant.


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There should be pink stains if coolant is leaking. Look all over the front and back and bottom of the motor and transmission. Also make sure you unscrew the radiator pressure cap and fill thàt with mixed coolant as well