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Cracked roof rack support for wagon????

Discussion in 'VY Holden Commodore (2002 - 2004)' started by pimpjuice, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. pimpjuice

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    Jan 26, 2005
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    VY II Berlina wagon V6
    Hey all,

    Had my VY2 Berlina wagon for a week now and enjoying it.. I use it for work and play and today I did a job and took a big extension ladder with me. Its over 5 metres long and pretty heavy bugger. (Probably 45kgs?).Anyway, tied it up to the roof racks etc and did the job. Come home to take ladder off and notice that the strip that runs from front to rear which supports the roof rack is cracked all the way throught just above the rear left door!

    Anyone experienced this problem? I noticed that it says 80kgs is the limit, its not anywhere near that. Only thing I can think of is that when driving wind will lift up the ladder causing pressure on the rails and roof racks. The rail is colour coded too (white) is it an easy unscrew job and change?

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