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CX6 Adventra

Discussion in 'Projects' started by owenCX6, May 19, 2014.

  1. owenCX6

    owenCX6 New Member

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    May 19, 2014
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    VZ Adventra CX6
    Okay I am kinda new to this whole forum thing but I have currently found it hard to find a good source of upgrades and modification for a VZ CX6 Adventra so I am creating this thread to post the product's I us and effects both negative and positive of these modification. As i slowly upgrade my adventra to the point I am happy with it. Witch will probable never happen. I will try to do good before and after comparisons of the modification i do. I will be attempting to do most of the work myself. For any people out there who have modified an Adventra please put your 2 cents in on what works what doesn't.

    Okay A little back ground on the Car
    It is a ex demonstrator model CX6 when it left Holden it had 14 000 on the clock.
    I just bought it of the only previous owners 3 weeks ago and it now has 90 000 on the clock with all log book servicing and receipts for all the servicing only damage's to the car is there is a very small rip in the leather on the drivers seat a few very small gravel chips in the paint and some paint fade on the silver panels on the body kit.

    The Plan for the Car is to be my daily drive but still stand out in a crowd and have me smiling every time i drive it.
    So what am i going to do to it. I have just ordered manifold insulators and a CAI from MACE Engineering.
    I will post before and afters of the fitment of these parts and the benefits i get out of them.
    next on the list will be a full exhaust System with custom headers because as far as i know no one makes a bolt on set for the CX6, Hiflow cats and dual 2 1/4'' system.
    after that it will be on to some of the creature comforts witch will be dual custom installed subs in the rear dual amps and speakers front and rear plus a double din head unit with gps and rear camera.

    in the long long term there will be forced induction possible cam and fuel system work and tune as well as raised suspension with more aggressive tyres for off road bigger brakes. Would also love to do a manual conversion but i dont think that will ever happen but there will be new paint and the leather reupholstering and maybe a sun roof

    more may come but thats all im thinking for now

    now here are a few current photos of what it looks like

    my next update will be when i receive my CAI and insulator from Mace

    Also If any one wonts Updates of my project truck witch is 56 International ASW120 pm me or ask about it and i will upload info on it it is currently beeing stripped down for sand blasting

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  2. Par0666

    Par0666 New Member

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    May 16, 2018
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    VZ Adventra SX6
    How have you gone with the upgrades from MACE Engineering? I have a VZ SX6 Adventra and was thinking of getting the kit they do with the intake, insulator, throttle controller and pulley kit but wasn't sure if it was worth it. Was also tossing up between and mace intake or an ss inductions intake.
  3. afstruct

    afstruct Well-Known Member

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    Dec 10, 2015
    Warners Bay
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    HSV VS Maloo , 2002 Monaro
    Welcome to the forum.
    Doubt you'll get an answer from owenCX6 , he hasn't been on here since aug 2014.
    Go to
    Go to search box type in cai it'll bring up a whole lot of threads on cai to browse through.
    You could also pose your question there ( more likely get opinions/ answer there).
    You could also talk to mace , they're a sponsor on here.

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