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Dash Cluster Demons


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Sep 17, 2005
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VX s
Im haveing problems with my dash cluster and Holden dealerships dont know what it is and have never had anyone ask about them before.

Vehicle VX 'S' Pack 5 Spd Manual

Here Goes

1st Time. (5 Weeks Ago)
Temp guage went to top of dial
Tachometer went to 4000/rpm
Speedo went to 140/kmph
Fuel went to bottom of dial
In the bottom single window (where odo usuall is) it had vertical and horizontal lines like it was showing parts of the odo reading, But never had odo written on it.
Lasted maybe 13 seconds

2nd Time. (Three Weeks Ago)
Temp went to top of dial
Tachometer went to 2000/rpm
Speedo went to 80/kmph
Fuel went to bottom of dial
In the bottom single window had odo written and the same lines as above mentioned.
Lasted about 30 seconds

3rd time. (Thursady Arvo/Friday Morning)
Temp layed dead at the bottom
Tachometer layed flat at the bottom
Speedo layed flat at the bottom
Fuel layed flat at the bottom
In the bottom single window i had 10 vertical lines two groups of 4 and one group of 2 (|||| |||| ||)
Lasted 20 minutes and never went of parked car for the night and when i went to work it had come back to normal.

4th Time. (This Morning)
Hoped in car same as above happened except nothing in the bottom single window so turned car off and as it was starting again the dash cluster decided to kick in.

Will Up date if any other types occur.

If anyone has any ideas on what this could be or if anyone has had this happen to them please help as i dont think any holy water is going to help this crisis lol

Cheers in advance MRVX


Sounds like a bad connection (earth) problem at one of the plugs, remove the cluster and plug it in again and see how it goes then.