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Delayed Reaction

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Troy711, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. jafo

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    Oct 7, 2003
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    1999 wh statesman
    stupid things you do when your at work.

    when i was 16 i used to work in a car yard as a detailer (car washer)
    and sometimes the boss would ask me to move a car or two
    so this one time he says put the statesman on the ramps in the middle of the yard and take my fairmont(top of the range at that time)out the back so it can be polished.
    ok so i get in the stato and put it on the ramps not a problem then proceed to get in the bosses car start her up and hit the big R and accelerated a bit to much spun the whels on the gravel went back and reversed it down the side of the shed and i mean down the side of the shed made a weard noise like EEEEEEEEKKKKK damage was miner really new paintjob down one side of car and take out the new arodynamic grooves in the doors but other than that it was ok but the boss didnt see it that way i kept my job for another 2 months till i turned 17 and was promptly fired cause instead of $75 a week wich i was earning he had to pay me 2 dollars extra a week.
    tight arse.
  2. Jaime S.

    Jaime S. Guest

    I have a mate who was a detailer at Bob Todd Holden who wrote off a brand new SS about July last year. BUGGER! I have no idea what happened but my other detailer mates that work there said he wrote it off and he was fired.

    I've never had a crash because I'm only 14 and I can't have a car yet.

    But back in the early 80s my mum pranged a Gemini big time.

    The Scene: An intersection on the Great Western Highway, Penrith, Sydney.
    The Cars: 1980 Holden Gemini SL/X and a Toyota Corona.
    What happened: Mum gets a green light when all of a sudden this deadshit in a Corona pulls up at the lights... sorry, about 1 metre past the lights. Mum was on the outside lane going ahead and totalled the whole front end. It was fixed, though.

    Jaime S.
  3. grover

    grover Guest

    when i was 17 i went to someones 18th party.left my hr on the nature strip next to my mates place and we walked to the party so i couldnt drink drive.well found my car,pissed as a fart and decided i could drive home{it was only just around the corner after all}.i felt a slight bump as i reversed around into my mates driveway and thought i had just tapped their mailbox.went home and was woken by my mate on the phone the next morning.he wanted to know if his whole family could come around to have a shower,because they had no water and their front yard was flooded.that slight bump was me breaking their above ground water meter off at ground level..............

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