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Dodgy Boss Kit?


Live Long Rock Hard!
Mar 18, 2010
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VX Executive (V6)
Hi There Im Fairly New To The Car World So Iv Joined This Site In Hope To Get Some Info And Opinions From Some People Who Have More Experience!!

Anyway Heres My Only Prob Iv Ran Into So Far..

I Bought A Boss Kit Off A Mate And He Sais its For A Vn/Vp... Fair Enuff

He Puts It On And We Go For A Test Drive And Ended Up On Some Dudes From Lawn (lucky i was smart enough to go slow and go up a back street)

So it locked up when we took a right turn! So We Had To Get The Tools Out And Put The Original Wheel On And Go Home..

Then He Cuts Down The Pins On The Back And Now It Seems I Have To Manually Turn Off My Blinkers (pain In The Ass)

In Conclusion today i go out and push the pins further out from the back and i have got it turning the blinker off on a right turn but cant get it to work for a left turn! ( you can but you have to over steer abit)

Should i A Go and buy a brand new boss kit in hope it works fine and dnt just do the same as this 1

Or B If any 1 has any soulutions at all im all ears! well eyes anyway seems i will be reading it!