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Does anyone were know "Rumper" in Adelaide? Need some info from him.


Aug 30, 2007
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WM Caprice, VZ SS Crewman, ZB Calais V
Hi all. Rumper posted the post below back in November 2012. My car now has exactly the same fault with the same symptoms after changing timing chains. My car didn't have any misfire issues prior to the timing chain replacement, but it does now. I've tried messaging him to ask him what the cause of the fault was, but no response - looks like he's not a regular forum user. I was hoping someone may know how to get in contact with him.

Thanks all.

Hi all,
just wondering if anybody has had the same problem as me.
After putting new timing chains on an alloytec engine, it ran fine for a while but then started to misfire, all 3 cylinders down the one bank.
This is an intermittent problem, runs fine for a while, maybe half an hour to an hour of running then decides to crap itself. So i know it cant be the chains out or it would run rough from the get go. But if i reset the codes it will run fine again for a while and then just decide at any time it doesnt want to play any more, only seems to do it when its at running temperature. Cant see that it would be coils because you wouldnt get all 3 coils down one side go at the same time and the other 3 are fine..
If anybody else has had this problem, would love to know what you came up with, before i hand my wallet over to holden.
Thanks in advance everybody