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E36 V6 Conversion


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May 24, 2009
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Hi Everyone,

I’m getting very bored and need a new project, but it had to be affordable, single income supporting the family makes things tight, but a blokes gotta have a toy! I love the handling of BMW’s, but hate the expense of the under performing motors and the expense that often is associated with them. So after doing a lot of research I’m going down the path of an E36 V6 conversion.

I can hear the why don’t you do an LS1 instead of a crappy V6, simple answer is money!!! I’ve given myself a budget of 5k for complete conversion, including car and have just sourced a black E36 for $800.00, so $4200 left!

I also figure the little Bimmer engine makes about 80KW at the FW so if I can tickle the V6 a little or get an L67 hopefully we can get it to 180KW.

After speaking with a few engineers last week the whole process seems very straight forward here in SA and there is almost nothing to be done to the E36, especially when putting a V6 in there. My father is a retired mechanic so we will be fabricating the engine and tranny mounts as well as the exhaust in house and also managing the loom conversion.

If I can do this successfully my plans are to do the LS1 conversion into a E39 for which I think the V8 will be more suited to.

Will post some pics up when it arrives and try to detail the process as best as I can so people can reference it in the future.