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Ecotec Top Swap w/ Mace Air to Air Transient Timing issue


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Jul 28, 2020
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VF Commodore Storm
Hi all!

I’ve recently installed the Mace a2a kit, and had Rhys at RK Garage to whip up a flash tune for me, however it seems to want to stall under a quick heavy load, or sometimes when switching from Park to drive.

I have flash tuner pro etc, so rather than posting the ecu back and forth, he could just send me tunes and I could flash them on. We tried adding more/less fuel, to no avail. But he still seems to believe it’s transient fuelling or timing related, (“something in the tune”), rather than anything hardware.

I did change a couple things while installing the A2A and was basically wondering if anyone would have any idea if it might be something more hardware related, or if they might know what I should watch and log on Advanced engine diagnostics, to try and identify the cause of the issue?

I installed the a2a, 60lb injectors, Yellowjacket coils, new Delphi DFI module, Walbro 255 fuel pump, 80° thermostat.

It does also sometimes have issues starting, mostly in the cold, which l believe could be crank angle sensor, and if so, could that also be causing the wanting to stall issue?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.