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Electrical issues on VN Berlina


Sep 3, 2005
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VK SL EFI/ Monaro CV8
Gday to everyone out there in VN-VP land. I need some of your help. Yesterday My father in law purchased a VN Berlina 1991 and its in very good condition and would like to help him sort out a few electrical glitches. 1. Horn does not work, I found the horn was disconnected and I reconnected it and found it goes off when you turn the steering 90degrees left or right. I checked the internal horn bar components and found the horn metal contacts screwed directly on the earthing plate, also found a loose plastic piece (I think its an insulator for the metal contacts). It looks like someone has tampered with this horn button assembly and buggered it up. Soooo what I need is a diagram or photo from a workshop manual, so I can identify whats misssing. 2. Radio missing and power antenna not in service, could you please send me a copy of wiring diagrams and any diagrams of assembly of radio and power antenna. 3. This particular car has a factory installed immobiliser, the left hand front door pillar has a keyhole just like VP onwards models and the owners manual has an attachment inside it explaining about its operation. I have no remote or key for this immobiliser (obviously it has been set to override the immobliser, otherwise it would not start). Any one has any ideas whether I can get this immobiliser to work again? Thank you for your help, in anticipation.