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Engine revving while driving - VZ 2006 V6


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May 31, 2019
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Holden Commodore vz 2006 6 cylinders
Hey guys,
I apologize for the long description to come but I feel it is pretty darn necessary !
I live in Saudi Arabia where qualified mechanics/electricians are practically non-existant.

I have a Holden Commodore VZ 2006 Alloytec and I have another post under my name describing the heating problem I still suffer from. Below is a recap:
The car heats up while driving with or without AC to the half point mark and then cools down again. In the process to r
Yesterday morning on my way to work, 48 Klicks away from home, the car suddenly revved and had a rough gear change. I started monitoring the car and here is what I concluded:
At startup the 1st and 2nd gear change is smooth. When the RPM reaches the 1500 mark the gear slips and the car revs to the 3000 or 3500 mark before you feel the gear engaging again and then keeps driving at that RPM. When I remove my foot off the gas pedal the RPM drops to the 1000 mark as if the engine is idle. To accelerate again the RPM has to reach the mark I lift my foot at to engage.
When the gear shifts to the 2nd gear, it starts driving on the 2nd gear with the RPM at the 3000 mark. I then floor the gas pedal and the car revs to the 4500 or 5000 RPM and then shifts to the 3rd gear and the RPM drops and engages at 2500 to 3000 RPM.
This excessive engine work causes the heat to pass the midpoint mark but it cools back to the midpoint and a bit below and keeps hovering between the two points.

Any idea where or what to start checking?