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Eoi just wondering a fair price


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Jun 28, 2010
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vl commodore and vz ss
Hi guys am thinking about selling my vl it is registered and has an rb20 det conversion underway it is 90% complete not currently running but motor is in just wiring and small things left to do it will come with a hks type 0 turbo timer brand new front bumper including top trim brand new pod filter steel turbo gaskets and hid kit still have to pick up etc the car has a calais dash will come with a full set of drift gauges brand new just purchased can show recipts the rb20 has just had head work done has nismo 650cc injectors and has been well looked after has done roughly 110000 ks it is my family car and it has been well looked after comes with stock rims but I have a set of vr gts rims for it currently on my ute it is auto has got little or no rust has all been treated am looking at 5k for it so I can but another family car I just don't have the time to finish it ATM and it has been on blocks since January is this a reasonable price or am I asking to much any info or eoi would be great cheers brenno