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[VIC] EOI: VY II calais wheels

dons vs

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Sep 5, 2008
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vs ute
When we bought our ute it came with a set of VY series 2 calais wheels.
there 17" and look like this


the tires on them have a good 80%+ on them just wondering what i can get for them and if i can justify spending more cash for a different set of wheels, i like these but i always like to have smaller spoked wheels to show of brakes and so on.
There is no damage to the wheels at all there in very good condition, so if someone wants to make me an offer then go for it.
will consider a swap as well if your wheels are something im looking for.
wouldnt mind some vy ss wheels as long as there 17 or 18 inch and atleast 8 or 9 inch wide dont want any skinny binnies.