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Fanga Dan New Drift Car Revealed!

Discussion in 'XFORCE' started by Motorculture, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Click to Play! Check out Fanga Dan’s new Ford Mustang prepared by RTR! (Video opens a new tab/window)​

    Two Time D1NZ National Drift champion Daniel Woolhouse has teamed up with one of the best drift car builders in the world to further improve his competitiveness in next year’s 2018 championship. The RTR Mustang Fanga Dan will be driving will have the same 700kW Roush Yates V8 that redlines at 9,000RPM. The chassis will remain left hand drive, and toughen up with a whole heap of carbon-fibre construction.

    For more information, check out the video of Fanga Dan and CTB Performance and Accessories building the Activation car in just 8 weeks.
    XForce is proud to be part of Fanga Dan’s journey and equipping him with the best we have to offer for the Ford Mustang.

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