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Fault Code 46 & 73 assistance please!

Double G

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Feb 19, 2006
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VS Commodore
I own a 1996 VS V6 series I 1996 Belina. I was driving home the other day from the coast and the car stalled only metres from home. RACQ come to the rescue and the mechanic cleaned the DFI module connector plug which made it start again. I performed a fault code test and found that code 46 and 73 was displayed. I refered to my Gregory's manual and it stated for code 46 to check that the voltage at D12 on the ECU is 9.5 volts. Upon doing so i found that I only had 4.88 volts. I then checked the D12 wire for continuity from the DFI Module to the ECU which I found to be OK. Considering that the car now starts, I was wondering if any one knows if this voltage reading indicates that the DFI module is on the outer and should it be replaced. If so how much is a new one? Also can anyone give advice in relation to code 73?

Your advice would be much appreciated!!!!