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Few questions


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Jan 3, 2008
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VR Exec [EMPIR3]
Thinking about buying a weekend car. Fixing it up abit and the sorts. My uncles worked on his kingswood 1 tunner 253 for most of his life so mechanics is not a problem (same engines the commo 253s and 308s?).

Basically i want a mint original VH SLE 2 tone, either burgandy or blue over silver. How it gets that way is no problems. I dont mind paying/working to restore it.

How much should a VH SLE with the afore mentioned paint in good nick cost (doesnt have to be mint, but i dont want to have to pay for a full spray)? (good engine through to shagged doesnt matter, well rebuild if needed)

How hard would it be to find original parts? (suspension, wheels, possibly interior, as most would be modded by now)

they are my main few questions, ill post more up if i think of any