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Fixing Leaky back doors


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Feb 18, 2006
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Upper Yarra
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VXII Wagon dual fuel
There are various threads about this with various suggested solutions - I've tried them and they didn't work. I should add the car hasn't been pranged and there is nothing about the appearance of the door to suggest it would leak, but it does.

My ride is a 2002 VX II wagon. The rear right door has always leaked since we bought the car second hand a few years ago. Its sufficiently bad to make the RHR seat unusable in really wet weather - but we haven't had much of that here in Victoria over the last few years. The water comes in through the top outer seal, and works its way past the inner seal to drip into the car.

THE FIX In short - bend the top of the door in 3mm.

METHOD - 1. Measure - use a block of wood or similar to prop open the door a fixed distance and then measure how far the top of the door is (at a fixed point) from the normal closed position (at a fixed point) These must be able to be done with great accuracy since you only need to bend the top of the door a total of a few millimeters.

METHOD - 2. with the door open, standing on the inside, grab the top with hands, put knee below window line and pull GENTLY. I was surprised at how easy it was to move and only did this 3-4 times to get 3mm difference.

SO FAR no more water has got inside when I certainly would have expected it.