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Fizman's 1999 vs ute


Aug 29, 2009
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VS Commodore Ute series III 1999 v6
My 1999 vs series III ute which i bought for $5000
its done now just over 220000kms but runs like brand new =]
column shift auto but only 2 seats its actually not that annoying but when i get some funds ill put a manual in.

came with hardtop but had to sell for work as im an apprentice plumber so its currently has black sports bars for ladders and copper lol

Mods are:
18inch (no idea what brand) rims picked up for 400 bucks with good tread of a mate
gt monroe lowered struts and shocks with kingsprings.
pacemaker extractors and 2.5inch redback catback exhaust.
vs ss cold air induction kit with k&n panel filter
greenfoam memcal chip
6x9 in shitty box on parcel shelf sony explodes.
6inch sony's in door pods with pioneer headunit.
lsd diff
tinted alteza tail lights

Future mods:
12inch sub in custom box under tray with a monoblock amp and 4 channel amp
maybe minispool it :p
any ideas on things to do with it would be greatly appreciated im only on red P's tho so no turbo plans atm.