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[SA] For Sale: VQ II Statesman


LPG Sucks.
Apr 26, 2009
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South Australia
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'15 RG Colorado 2.8TD M6
Item: VQ Statesman V8 Series II

Price: $6000 or best offer without mags or $7200 or best offer with mags

Location: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Year: 24/6/1992

Series: VQ Series II

Badge: Statesman

Engine: Holden 5.0L EFI 304 V8, standard with new high performance ignition leads and spark plugs, comes with a 45,000V MSD ignition coil (brand new in box),

Transmission: 4L60 4-speed Turbo-Hydromatic

Colour: White

Exterior Condition: Great paint, bumpers could look better with a sand back and respray, clear side indicators, Caprice grille

Interior Condition: Excellent all-round interior, almost every function works. Has a beautiful sounding stereo system consisting of a Pioneer late-model head unit, top-quality Pioneer splits in the back parcel shelf and a 1200w Pioneer subwoofer amped by a 800w Pioneer mono-block amp in the boot. Red lights everywhere in interior in place of standard globes.

Tyre Condition: 90% all-round, only due to rear wheel camber and front caster (factory suspension settings)

Tyre Size/Load: 235/45ZR17, unsure of load rating, will update

Odometer: 196700km

Service History: Didn't get one with it when I purchased it

Rego: S875AHX - South Australia

Rego Expiry: 13/07/11, approximately

Plates: Yes, SA alpha-numeric plates

RWC: Unneeded in SA but I am sure the car would pass with flying colours

Payment Method: Cash, can arrange meet up or drop off within the main areas of SA (between Ceduna and Adelaide for example)

Contact Info: **NUMBER REMOVED**

Other Info: Runs on 2007-fitted LPG, or Petrol, 17 inch XHP machined alloy mags, turns many heads, I really love the look and loud rumbly sound of this car, extremely comfortable, long trips are very enjoyable as well as city driving, recently fitted a new differential centre (gears etc.), tow bar, will have a fresh dyno tune based on fuel economy prior to sale, car will become a collector's item within the next decade and is a very attractive model on the Holden stage of vehicles.

Pictures: Will provide once taken photos.
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