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[SA] FS [SA] VN SS 5 litre engine - complete with loom and computer


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Jun 24, 2009
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ITEM: VN SS 5 litre engine (see text below for more details)

LOCATION: SA - Salisbury area


PRICE: $1000 firm

DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick-up only, I have an engine crane and can assist with loading.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pick-up or prior bank transfer


OTHER INFO: See text below

PICTURES: See below

Hi all,

I have a VN SS 5 litre engine for sale.

I pulled this out of a wrecked VN SS a few years ago and was going to put it in my MT Monaro.

Plan have changed so it's up for sale.

It was from an auto car and it is pretty much complete from Harmonic Balancer to Flex Plate and Sump to Intake Manifold.

The power steering pump is there and so is the air conditioner compressor.

I can't remember if the alternator or starter motor are there so let's say that they're not, but if they are, you get them too :)

It also comes with the loom and computer.

In the picture the fuel rail is missing, but it is included. It was only removed so it didn't get damaged during removal.

I don't believe I have any engine covers for this engine.

I did drive the car I pulled this out of but only around the block under the cover of darkness, due to the damage to the car (it had been rolled). The car went exceptionally well, this is a good strong motor. I checked it out thoroughtly before buying the car anyway and it was not damaged in the roll-over.

This is pick-up only from the Salisbury area.

I have an engine crane so I can assist with loading into a trailer.

$1000 firm.

This is item is also listed on ebay but if it sells on here I will cancel the auction.