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Fuel gauge all over the show


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Sep 24, 2019
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Here, I pulled the tank out of mine.

By far and away the best fuel sender unit I got is this one. It is the ancient one I scavenged, and I put this new Japanese fuel pump, the filter, and a bit of new fuel hose on there to lash it together. The gauge never worked well until I swapped out the pump and filter. Now it never fails. I only needed a new bit of hose for the regulator, which is why I got one bit left over there.

If you carefully cook the old hose you can sometimes get it off in good nick, and I was able to get it off the old pump. Then I super glued it onto the new pump, which as I say will hold it fine. I bought the little hose clamps but I do not bother now. New hose cannot be removed for love or money after you warm it and squeeze it on there. Super glue holds an already stretched hose fine.


I really recommend rebuilding an old fuel sender unit like this rather than buying a new one, cause it is so much cheaper. Everything just costs $40, and you have an improved sender unit when you finish. I really love that compact little pump...dare I say it pumps?

I wonder if the issue with the Hilux filter was it was getting stuck on the lip of the original pump like this?


You sometimes have to tap it on there. Maybe that's why it kept falling off?

I am gonna try this. I have cut an insert for the original style filter and drilled some holes in it. Bit of reinforced fuel line from a truck.


Now I have put it inside the original filter to take the crimp out of it.


It is in the car now, the gauge is working again. Might be an easier fix than finding another filter.