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Fuel Pressure Regulator VR, VS

Discussion in 'VR - VS Holden Commodore (1993 - 1997)' started by Vince89, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Fuel pressure regulator stuffed, broken.

    When petrol is found in the vacuum hose (a slightly smaller hose)- that's the one going into the inlet manifold
    Don't become mixed up with the return hose to the petrol tank (a slightly larger one) That's the one going into the firewall back to the petrol tank- that will have petrol in it. Blowdown this one (Giggity)- there shouldn't be any blockage.

    Petrol is pumped up into the fuel lines and into the Fuel Rail and then the Injectors. Excess fuel is returned to the tank by the fuel pressure regulator. This is done because fuel will not evaporate when flowing. Minimizes evaporation.

    If your car IS
    1. will not, hard starting
    2. spark plugs are wet (fuel) and black (soot)
    after cleaning plugs
    3. running rough idling
    4. blowing black smoke, when idling- rich mixture (not white- water nor blue- oil.)
    5. black smoke clears when increasing the rpm
    6. Air filter sounds likes like a wind tunnel. (the engine is trying to make a leaner mixture at idle)
    7. The computer sends a code 45 (rich exhaust)

    If the fuel regulator is leaking petrol into the inlet manifold by its vacuum hose it's like having 2 fuel sources making the mixture very rich.
    Fuel Pressure Regulators can't be repaired they must be replaced.
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