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Fuel rails



Oh no I totally agree that it's more effort then it's worth.

Only thing I can think of is one hell of a rock crawler and mud holer. Then a surge would make sense but you'd only run a normalish flow inline pump in it like a vl turbo/ every external EFI car from the 80s/90s.

But the fact he's talking big injectors , big this , upgrade that I think it may just be the theory of bigger and more is better.

Unless it's got a hair dryer or a blower on it I can not see any benefit of needing more pump and injectors on an Ecotec.

From memory it's like 19lb squirty boys vs 36lb and 30 year old technology. Even with a tune which is pretty expensive unless mail order having to scale them down to like 30-40% duty cycle max I couldn't see them performing as well the originals. Even with a cam you don't usually need more injector on an n/a Ecotec.

It sounds quite over complicated. But as said it may be necessary depending his plans . Hopefully he'll chime back in with more info.


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Jul 29, 2008
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newcastle nsw
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vz sedan vs ute gsx1400
both ends of the fuel rail are the same if you have a look at the fuel pressure regulator and the other end, just hose with a oring and one screw
you can buy a genuine new hose from ebay and cut the end with the quick connect to join the after market fuel reg this is my back up plan when my fuel reg expires because there been discontinued