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getrag in to a vs auto ute help plz


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Sep 19, 2013
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vs s pack series 3 auto ute
hey im after some info i hope some one can help me out i have a VS series 3 automatic ute 1999, that i wish to put a 5sp getrag gearbox in, i have the folowoing stuff to do the converson

1 getrag 5sp out of a VT wagon,
tail sharft,
floor plate , boot,
VT maunal ecu, out of the VT wagon,
cluch set up every thing, needed there,

i have a VT manual engine lomb,
i have a vt auto engine lomp

i have a spare VS auto engine lomb.

my issues lie in i can not just put the VT manual lomb, on the engine and gear box, as were it conects to the BCU the VT has 3 plugs and the VS only 2 and there totaly different.

dose any one know what wires were on the VS auto lomb i need to cut and join on the plugs for the spedo (two) wires and the two reverse wires.
so i can concet the get rag box to the vs lomb,

al so i have the VT manual ecu, that i plan to just plug in can any one tell me if that will or wont work stright off, my resoning is

at the time that holden, were making the VSute s3 1999, they were also making the VT sadans and wagons, so im kinda hoping that the manual ecu in the VT would be the VS of the same year.