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Getting compressions up for LPG operation on a vs engine


Nov 5, 2009
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Hilux Ute - Vs Ecotech Engine
Hi all - I have the above in engine in pieces atm & I am doing a freshen up of the motor & setting it up for LPG.

My problem is getting compression higher than std & I wanted to go as far as 11.5 or something close to that - I checked out VT pistons as they run higher compressions & they appear to be the same as the VS.

I do not want forged pistons as its not a performance application - I intend to see what I can do for torque & fuel economy without spending a fortune as its future is in towing trailers etc.

I intended to just deck the block / heads / valley cover & shim up the rockers - but they are std pistons with 2 or 2.5 mm oil rings ($185 odd) & the other types are 3 mm which are half the price.

If I go with replacing the pistons I will achieve what I want without doing a lot of work in machining blocks etc. Has anyone gone down this road at all & prepared to help out with some info ???