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[Alloytec] Gravel noises in the engine!

Discussion in 'V6 Development And Modification' started by marksman87, Jul 27, 2012.

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    VZ Crewman V6
    So I purchased a VZ Crewman V6 from a dealer, there was a gravel like noise when the engine was idling. Dealer said upon our concern that "we were not used to the manual v6 sound" and assured us that their mechanics had looked over the vehicle and it was all clear. 4 months later the powertrain light came on and now the oil pressure light. Upon disclosing this to the dealership they accept NO responsibility at all for the damages and I have been quoted $4,500 for the replacement/repairs to the drive train and the oil pressure sensor.

    I use this vehicle for work and need it back on the road and reliable. I have thought more recently that maybe worth investing in getting the SiDi engine and replacing the alloytec as I have been told they are nothing but trouble. Could this be as easy as changing the engine and a few components to gain the 210kw. I tow a trailer for work and the dual cab is to carry passengers with work (apprentice, kids etc.).

    I had thought an upgrade to a 6.0 V8 would be good however because it is a v6 I would need ALOT of paperwork and changes to the vehicle brakes, supports, engineer's certificate etc. etc. etc. If I was able to change from the alloytec to the SIDI with a new ECU and some other small mods that is possibly better also from the economy perspective also.

    Any ideas, this is a manual vehicle the whole vehicle is a long term for me. Especially since the crewman was limited and is no longer available new I want to make a good investment into the vehicle.

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