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somewhat awesome
Feb 19, 2004
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Central Coast, NSW
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2009 Subaru Liberty
Finally got backflips happening now! I've been working on them for a number of weeks using a rope slung over a tree branch for "safety" - I'd hold on to each end while I try to do the flip.

Anyway, finally got access to some gym mats and was able to refine the technique, and it boils down to two key points: Jump hard, tuck hard, and that's all there is to it - once you get over the fear of landing on your head, anyway :)

I'm nailing them every time on grass now, without the rope, and so as soon as my abs (rectus abdominus) stop hurting so much (apparently that's normal because of the fast contraction from tucking when you're not used to doing it) I'll be making sure I'm banging out as many as possible every day, and eventually I'll start trying more flips... I'm also thinking of adding them to Crossfit style workouts - in place of things like Box Jumps, haha :).

Next on the agenda is the Russian style front flip, I think it looks better and is more mechanically efficient than the 'normal' front flip. I had a few goes at them on the mats the other day and it's already coming together so hopefully when I'm less physically tired I'll start landing on my feet instead of my arse :p.

Standing Russian front flip - YouTube