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Help! Vy “s” 3.8l v6 manual


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Nov 24, 2016
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Rotorua, New Zealand
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95 Commodore VS SS
hey guys... so I had a high km engine play up. Scored a sweet donar engine, which was running an auto. So after pulling my engine out and sitting em side by side, figured out to remove the bronze spigot bush, and transfer the dowels to the donar engines crank, bolt flywheel, pressure and clutch plates up (central) and away we go. Fitted the engine in the hole, got the tranny in, bolted everything up, started up the car done the usual check for leaks, bleed cooling system etc. driving the car for 4 days, seemed I had no problems. NOW!!!! I went to start the car up and clunk..... was not in gear. haha. Started again and the starter was just wizzing around, climbed under the car, starter motor was bolted in tight. Hmmmmm, got in the car pressed in the clutch pedal, started er up and away she went, first pop. However it was a motherfu**er to get into gear. So I got it home, dropped the trans and noticed my little bronze Bush has sheered off the shoulder it had desintegrated, bits in the pressure plate (causing the hard-to-get-in-gear problem). Now, I understand (replace the bronze bush) but why the **** has this happened?! Is it possible the bellhousing and block weren’t flush? Causing the input shaft to hit crooked and smash the bush? Causing the (clunk) noise? Please please please help! I’m pretty clued up with the old 304 to 4speed auto (vs ss commo) I don’t know much about manual stuff. Also note, when I fitted flywheel to the crank, pressure and clutch to flywheel I did not torque bolts or use threadlocker, I understand I fu*ked up there.. any help would be awesome thank you so much