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Help with 95 VS stock immobiliser



Hey everyone, i need help.

Ok so this is what i figure, the red LED lights flashes when key is out of ignition and immobiliser is on. When you put in the key and turn the ignition on the LED should stop flashing to show the immobiliser is now off. Then when you turn the key to start the engine should kick over and start. Well, when I turn my key's ignition on the LED still flashes and if I try to start it it just keeps trying but won't obviously cuz the immobiliser is on still. If i fiddle around taking the key out and turning the ignition on and off the LED stops flashing eventually (can sometimes take up to 5mins) and then when I turn the key the car starts fine.

I'm wondering if anybody know's how this stock immobiliser works and what my problem is. any help would be muchly appreciated


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Aug 1, 2004
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Toowoomba SE QLD
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VS11 BT1 V6
Your key battery may be flat causing this problem or the contacts around the keyhole may be dirty or not making contact. Also try pressing the unlock button on the key next time this happens.
Just today I was listening to the radio with the key switched to accessories for about 10 mins and when I turned the key to start I got no action. I started to think the worst then I remembered something about needing to press the unlock button if the car has been left unlocked with the key in for more than 10 minutes - pressed the button and she started.
Hope this helps.