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Help with Cruze Auto Removal


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Dec 1, 2010
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Hi all, have a JG 2010 auto transmission has no reverse. It only tries to move very slightly (like someone rocking the car, revs to 3000rpm max, but doesn't move off). I'm taking it out myself to save some labour cost.
I presume that it would be best to drop it from underneath onto the ground. The car is raised onto stands.
I've removed both L&R axles, disconnected everything, unbolted the steering rack from the chassis and am ready to remove the subframe.
Having a good look at it from underneath and I'm wondering now if it may be too heavy. Would I seperate the tranny from the engine block or I can see that there is another half to it (the parts either side of a huge gasket). Would it be easier to split it here and leave the torque converter connected to the block?

Other thought is to lower the complete motor/auto to the ground with a block & tackle then seperate the parts.