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Help with VZ Monroe Struts & King Springs


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Mar 10, 2016
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VZ Acclaim (Calais Mockup)
Hi guys,

I'm in need of some assistance, the weather over here in Vic at the moment is terrible and making it difficult to work in this heat - so I don't want to be running around doing things only to end at a dead end and having to start over again.

I recently purchased Monroe Struts w/King Springs, and it seems though the bump stop thing (if that's what it's called) doesn't fit into the spring seat. Before I go out and buy the right part, can anyone give me some general guidance as to if the stock standard spring seat will be compatible with my lowered springs? (SL King Springs with Lowered Monroe GT Struts)

I just need to make sure I'm doing this all right the first time, I can not seem to find SOLID information on this - there is bits and pieces over the web that I could find, but nothing firm. I also was told to purchase these Monroe PK004 boot things, though I have NO idea where they're suppose to go....? Lmfao, can someone please shed some light on this.. As I was getting instant responses from Automotivesuperstore in regards to ordering, now as soon as I have a technical question during installation they have been USELESS and are taking over a day to respond, whereas before I ordered they were responding literally within the hour (clearly just wanting the sale) - I just wanted to get these struts finished today, but looks like that's not happening.....

What the hell have I purchased (the above boot and yellow thing is built into one, it seems) - I was told to order this when I said I needed a dust boot to cover the shock piston.... This does not seem right, at all..

Yes, I am pretty stupid when it comes to this stuff - I am learning as I go. And I want to make sure I'm doing this right! I also notice that there's a rubber on the spring seat, am I best also replacing this? Or will the old one be fine?