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Holden Launches rewinding Roads campaign


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May 14, 2013
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Port Stephens area.
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Monaro CV8, Cross 6 Crewman, Territory Ghia.
Holden Launches rewinding Roads campaign, a social media campaign to remind Australians that Holden is still here – for parts and servicing “

One of the publicity photos shows a young Peter Robinson and Italian motoring journalist Filippo Moscarini standing beside a Papaya Orange Torana V8 Hatchback with the Sydney Opera House in the background.
It is obvious that the Holden PR people who put this together are unaware of the background story published in the July 1976 edition of Wheels.

Peter Robinson was proudly going to show Moscarini how well Australians could build a car that was available with a 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engine, the only car in the world that was available like that.
It did not go to plan, or very well.

(Very) abbreviated commments from the 5 page road test …..

Moscarini …….. “That is the handbrake ?” (obviously referring to the foot operated, T handle release puzzle piece)
Robinson mumbles something about American cars and automatics.
“But this is a manual”.

Moscarini …….. “The steering is good, but there is too much understeer. But the wheel does not move up / down, or in /out. ”

Moscarini leans forward, checks the speedo which shows 110kph and tests the brakes, hard.
The rear wheels lock up, sending it sideways at 90 degrees.
He corrects, and it heads towards a light pole.
The tail snaps back, and the Torana shudders to a stop, feet away from the light pole, leaving three strangely twisted black lines as evidence of brake stop that embarrassed.
Moscarini selects first gear and is off.
There is silence except for the burbling V8 note.
A couple of kilometres later, he asks “What sort of accidents do you have in Australia”

Moscarini’s conclusion ….. it is very American.
Robinson’s conclusion ………. In Italy they expect a car to stop straight …. in Australia we can only hope for the best.

I like re-reading stuff like that, as it reminds me how crap Australian cars were at the time, even though now we consider them expensive classics.

vc commodore

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Jun 18, 2014
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south australia
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vc commodore
They'd better get their parts stock up to scratch then.

I can still get parts for my VC....So what parts do they need to get upto scratch?

Here's a youtube video from a fella getting a repairable write off ready to be registered and he doesn't seem to have issues getting the parts he needs...ie new parts to save headaches of keeping records of VIN numbers to satisfy the rego authorities