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How do i turbo my stock VL Commodore - oil and water lines esp. and computer loom?


Dec 2, 2008
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Salisbury, SA
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vp commodore v6 a4
Hey Guys, I'm going to turn my VL stockie auto into a nice ride and I'm going to turbo it, apart from the intake and turbo and turbo manifolds im wondering about all the little things i need to do.
I know i have to change the computer and injectors, but things like which injectors should i use - VL turbo or aftermarket cc ones? And how big shopuld they be if i go aftermarket? There are so many sizes.
How do i plumb the BOV back into the exhaust so its legal? How do i hook up the turbo cooling lines (oil and water)?
Is it hard to wire up the turbo to the car itself and add a turbo timer and boost controller? My mates got lots of experience with nissan skyline gtr's single and twin turbo's but i also want other points of view.
Will i need to have a rising rate fuel regulator? and will i need to change the fuel rails?
How does the wastegate work and is it hard to put one in? I'm probably goping to go with a Monsta T70 turbo and manifold set up - i know it's big - but i want to go big but not necessarily lots and lots of boost. i also realise that i have to increase the gasket thickness on the head to reduce compression - how should i do this double up gaskets ? Use copper gaskets?
do i have to change my AFM? I'm definately going to put in a FMIC - are these hard to install? i should say IF, my mate has experience with turboed cars he should be able to install most of these things for me, am i right??
Do i need to change my diff and axles or will stock be okay? Same goes for my auto box will they cope with giving it a stab here and there and not killing it all the time?
Should i get ARP head studs or will i need them?
I'm stuck with a stockie thats about to get a new lick of midnight blue and 17" rims and it IS going to get turboed i just need to know everything.
Any help or advice you offer is greatly appreciated, Help me please..

Dr HaxZaw

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May 6, 2010
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R34 GT-T
The BOV doesnt plumb back into the exhaust it goes back into the intake

If your wondering how stuff works look on wikipedia... it will explain it better than anyone on here can by writing it

I dont have any experience with VL's but you might want to find an engine builder in your area and have a chat with him about what needs doing

Also if you have so many questions you might want to think about holding off on the turbo until you know what your doing or have someone who does who can give you a lot of help with the build