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how do you hook up a fuel pressure gauge ? vt s/c l67

Sep 6, 2009
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hey all , just wondering how i go about hooking up a fuel pressure gauge on a vt l67.?/

its got the schrader valve on the fuel rail that you hook up the big fuel pressure testing gauge's too, but want to know if i can hook up a little one there too... ???

were thinking of getting a fitting with a barb to screw onto the schrader valve on the fuel rail (take the valve out of the inside of it so its just open) ... get another fitting with a barb to screw on a little liquid filled gauge and connect em with 50mm of fuel injection hose and a couple of clamps each end.. (or mayb 1mtr of hose so can see/test pressure while driving)

would doing it that way be safe enough to just test the pressure or leave it on?? or is there a good chance i will catch on fire :)

also- the air that will be trapped in the hose/gauge, would that affect anything,????

any info or ideas on how to appreciated

cheers. dave