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[How To] Wire up VY/VZ Sunglasses Holder Lights to VT/VX Berlina/Calais


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Jan 16, 2006
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VX Berlina
Heaps of guides around on the lower spec'd models such as the Exec, SS, and all those in-between, but nothing about how to wire it into a mid-spec or even high-spec BCM car (Berlina, Calais, Statesman). The guides I did find online, show you how to wire in the holder, while retaining the dome light, I wished to delete it.

In essence, the mid-spec and high-spec cars have slightly different wiring in the roof - as seen in this diagram.

Base models have a black negative wire which earths to the car "somewhere", where-as the other models have a BCM controlled negative or earth, denoted as the Violet wire. To add even more confusion, the Yellow/Blue and White/Green wires are changed between the models.

Below is what wires go to where on the car/roof loom - I have done this to my own car, and all functions work, including the rear courtesy lights in all modes.

Grounding to the roof will require a new hole made with a screw no longer than 12-15mm from the base of the head of the screw, into the support beam that held the original dome light. If you fit a longer screw, you will hit the outer roof skin. With the hole made, you can fit a ring terminal and ground the first pin to the roof of the car.

I must thank heyitsEnricoPallazzo who created the first itteration of the second image, as it helped me work out what I needed to go to get it to work with my own car.

The link to wiring it into a lower spec'd model is here -- https://forums.justcommodores.com.a...-to-a-vy-centre-dome-light-connection.172996/