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How too Suggestion

Nov 1, 2010
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Armidale, NSW
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VX Commodore 2002 Executive v6. Ex Patrol Car
The How Too section of this forum is pretty much the reason why I joined this site! Slowly I am getting the bennefits of the Rest of the forum, but How Too remains the main reason why I log in alot.

So I have a small suggestion to make things easier to sort though.

How about some sub forums in the How Too section to break things up? One for "Asthetics" ie. How to paint your dash board, how to paint your rims, and many other great how too's that are currently there. One forum for general maintinance, such as How to service your car. One forum for Performance, such as How to install a CAI. And one forum for questions. Such as: How the bloody hell am I going to get this sump plug out zomgwtfbbq.


I beleive it would make things easier for browsing those forums, and make the information more readily available. I know there is a search tool, but some people may user certain words for certain things that others use differently, which is always a limitation of search engines