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HSV Announces Pricing for New "GEN-F" Range


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Feb 2, 2003
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Australia's leading performance car manufacturer, HSV, today announced Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP) for its new GEN-F range of vehicles.

"Continuing to deliver more value each time we launch a new range has been at the heart of HSV's success, and GEN-F is no different. The raft of performance and technology enhancements has taken our vehicles to a whole new level, and we are excited that customers will shortly have the opportunity to experience GEN-F for themselves", said HSV Managing Director, Phil Harding.

Most eagerly anticipated has been the RRP for the LSA-powered GTS, which has been confirmed at $92,990 for the manual model and $95,490 for the 6-speed automatic with Active Select.

"The GEN-F GTS will have no peer when it comes to value. Its price, power, performance and specification levels are unrivalled in the market place", said HSV's Managing Director, Phil Harding.

<B>ClubSport Range</B>
The sedan range kicks off with the ClubSport starting from $60,990 for the manual model. This is a $4,000 decrease over its E3 predecessor.

The ClubSport R8, with additional features including a power upgrade to 325kW, leather trim, machined faced alloy wheels, BOSE audio, Bi-Modal mufflers, HSV's Enhanced Driver Interface, and a host of new driver technologies, will retail from $71,290, a $210 decrease on the outgoing E3 model.

Pricing for the ClubSport R8 Tourer will start from $72,290 which is also a $210 decrease on the outgoing E3 model.

"We're really pleased with the way our ClubSport range has shaped up. Our entry level ClubSport is very competitively priced. In fact, the last time we offered a ClubSport for less than $60,990 was way back in 2003 at specification levels not even comparable to today's model", said HSV Sales & Marketing Director, Tim Jackson.

"The ClubSport R8 offers massive additional value for our customers and is a great step forward over the outgoing model", added Jackson.

<B>Maloo Range</B>
Pricing for the Maloo remains unchanged at $58,990 for the manual model with the Maloo R8 manual priced at $68,290.

The Maloo R8 follows a similar feature walk to that of the ClubSport R8 but also features HSV's signature Hard Tonneau with Performance Sail Plane.

<B>Senator Signature</B>
Senator Signature buyers will welcome a $3,000 price reduction to $83,990, with the GEN-F model featuring the all-new 340kW / 570Nm LS3 specification and a deep list of luxury and technological appointments not previously available with the E3 model. The 6-speed automatic with Active Select will continue to be offered as a no cost option on Senator Signature.

Pricing for the Grange, the long-wheel-base flagship of the range, will be $85,990, which represents a $3,000 decrease on the E3 Grange. Like the Senator Signature, it also picks up the new 340kW/ 570Nm LS3 specification and the all-new luxurious interior. The Grange is available with automatic transmission only.

With the introduction of the GEN-F range comes the availability of three exciting new options.

An "SV Enhanced" option will be available exclusively on the three "R8" models. Featuring a power and torque upgrade to 340kW/570Nm, a 20" SV Performance forged alloy wheel in Satin Graphite, unique "pitch black" accents on the fender vents and mirror scalps and, in the case of the ClubSport R8, a lo-line spoiler finished in Satin Graphite, the "R8 SV Enhanced" option will be available for just $4,995.

HSV Performance Seats in "Red Hot" leather trim will be available on GTS, Senator Signature and the three "R8" models, for $695.

A 20" SV Performance forged wheel finished in Satin Graphite will be available across the entire range for $1,495 (no charge on GTS, Senator Signature and Grange).

The GEN-F prices have taken into account the change in Luxury Car Tax due on July 1.

Production of the new GEN-F range has just commenced with vehicles due to arrive in HSV showrooms mid-June. Production of GTS will commence late August.

Source - HSV Media


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Mar 23, 2009
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I want the manual SS, i think the back looks a bit better, and i'm not a fan of the 3 guage pods on the dash. Throw in those forged wheels though, provided they aren't going to build any more V8's, otherwise i'll keep waiting until it really is the "last" one. But i still wonder why they kept the 6.0, and why they didn't put the FE3 in the SS, too many different models all built on the same car, all missing out on something somewhere.
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