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HSV Builds Final Commodore-based Model

Discussion in 'News/Updates' started by Darren, Jan 3, 2018.

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    HSV Builds Final Commodore-Based Model

    The final Commodore-based model has rolled off HSV’s assembly facility in Clayton, Victoria, drawing to a close 30 years of the company modifying locally built Commodores.

    Fittingly, a “Light My Fire” GTSR W1, build number 275/275 (Australian allocation), was officially acknowledged as the last vehicle to be built, which HSV intends to retain.

    Said HSV Managing Director, Tim Jackson, “For all at HSV, this is a time for great reflection on what the company has been able to achieve to date. Any success we’ve enjoyed has been directly attributable to our passionate staff, our dedicated dealer-body and of course our loyal fans who have helped build this brand through its 30-year journey”.

    While reflecting proudly on the past, Jackson also spoke glowingly of the future. “The last 30-years have set a wonderful foundation for future growth. With our recent launch of the Colorado SportsCat, together with our commitment to bringing to market key Chevrolet models including the iconic Chevrolet Camaro, the future is looking very bright”, he said.

    Official company records note that to the end of 2017, HSV has built 90,114 vehicles, the vast majority of which are made up of Commodore-based variants.

    HSV has recently moved into a new, more modern facility in Clayton South, where production of the Colorado SportsCat, and conversion of both the Chevrolet Silverado and Camaro, will take place.

    Key Model Production Volumes
    VL Group A SS: 750
    VL SV88: 150
    VN SV3800: 491
    VN SV89: 200

    VN SV5000: 359
    VN ClubSport: 410
    VG Maloo: 132
    VP GTS: 130
    VS GTSR: 85

    GTS Coupe: 423
    Coupe 4: 132
    W427: 137
    25th Anniversary GTS: 140
    GTS Maloo: 255
    GTSR (MY17 sedan): 1270
    GTSR Maloo: 606
    GTSR W1: 298 (Aust. & NZ)
    Key Production Milestones
    5,000th vehicle built (June 1991)
    20,000th vehicle built (April 1997)
    50,000th vehicle built (July 2006)
    75,000th vehicle built (February 2013)
    90,000th vehicle built (December 2017)

    Source - HSV Media
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