HSVI code discovered


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i recently purchased a ve caprice. I thought I’d make it look a little better by putting a set of chrome ssv redline 19 inch chromies on it. It came up looking quite good. Then I did some homework on a hsvi badge under the bonnet which said EWF. It turns out the code was referring to the wheels. EWF stands for 19 x 8 caprice wheels. Should I put the caprice wheels back on the car (I will be giving them an overhaul). I’m worried that it’s hsvi badge is not going to match up??


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No, it really doesn't matter. HSVi is just a bit of a wank offered by Holden really. Basically renamed the old HBD optional extras.
The build plate just shows the options someone ordered from the factory but they really mean very little at all as it is nothing to do with HSV really.