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Hunting : vb commodore sl/e (gold) sold at auction @ bris

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snug, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. snug

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    Dec 30, 2019
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    Vx wagonero
    Photo is a stock photo of a similar commy - NOT actual car in question.
    Sorry for posting on a new account. I’m an old member who hasn’t been back in a few years, now can’t recover the password (Last time I lost it was when JC dropped the sql and everybody’s accounts back around 2006(ish - my memory is poor and I’ve had a few). Sorry for the long sook already!

    long story short : I’m looking for a car. A specific VB V8 commodore sl/e that was sold at auction in bris around 2013-2014(ish..). Hoping to find it well cared for and done up, not parted out!

    long story long : My mother’s vb, which was her fathers, was sold at auction by the public trust. I had no way of knowing or even being able to bid at the time. I’ve spent a little while looking and gotten nowhere based on what little info I have at hand, and that id not seen the car for nearly 10 years (another long story).

    the car : vb commodore sl/e v8 sedan, “gold” (was a bit more brownish toward the end), on Steeleies with factory chirpy lsd. Stock motor and pretty much the rest as well. Rego (at the time) 945njn

    one family car (until sold...). Would love to know what’s happened to it. Any info pls let me know :)

    cheers :)

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