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I need a complete VQ statesman interior....

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Nov 16, 2005
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Brookdale, Western Australia
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83 VH SL Commo and a 91 VN V6 Wagon
gday all,

after thinking for the last few hours, iv decided a VQ statesman interior will look nice in my VN Wagon. i wana try to find the dash, door trims and all of the seats, plus all of the electricals as well.

the interior in my wagon rite now is fine, except iv just had to clean it and it smells cos of stupid broken seals letting rain in........ iv realised the VQ is one of the more comfy interiors in the VN-VS range. plus iv never seen the VQ interior in a VN/VP wagon b4.. im aware of the mods needed to make the rear seats and door trims etc fit but im not bothered, its sumthing different

wat i wana ask is... is any1 between the armadale and perth areas of WA looking at selling a complete interior possibly with dash and electricals.... its a bit of a big ask, but i wana try n find it without picking up a wrecked car

cheers ppl
if u can email me on [email protected] or [email protected] that wuld b great