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I need some urgent front bumper fascia advice!


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Dec 13, 2018
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VR UTE S1 • column • bench seat • VXS1 • executive
I have a vr ute, this is my second car but my first to holden makes an models:

I bought a vr wagon front bumper and the fascia sits nicely but i cant screw in the 3 screws that go above the license plate holder because of these plastic notches.

What i was thinking was to sand down these notches/bumps as i have a broken vr front bumper as reference an that 1 donesnt have the notches/bumps its completely flat - is this a good idea for clearance to fit or will it make it not sit right?

Another problem i'm facing is the inner plastic guards inside the fenders, can i remove these completely an have the bumper installed for a snug fit, as ive noticed you sort of need the inner guard to connect the L&R side of the bumper to fit onto said guard, what work will i need to perform to remove the inner guard for a snug bumper install?
I really dont like this inner guard, its actually pointless in my honest opinion. I can easily take it out thats not the problem.

last problem as of now im facing when it comes to body work are the struts that connect to the bumper sides, idk if its because it came off a wagon (i thought all vr/vs front fascias were the same) but for the life me they wont alighn up to the points where they need to be bolted in? The bar sits way to low and the struts are to high..
So like the inner guards - would it be better to ignore the strut completely and to leave it off?
With these two operations - that would mean either side of bumper would have two missing bolt up locations to keep the fixture snug around the edges although the sides closest to the fog bezels would still be snug from the way ive looked at it thoroughly.

Need suggestions as to what i can/cant/should do?